The Personal Statement is one of the most important elements of the college application. It is a window into the applicant who is otherwise unseen by the college admissions board. While test scores and G.P.A.’s are important, allowing the board to see an applicant beyond these requirements can go a long way. 

This essay is an opportunity for the applicant to sale themselves in a way that moves the board to act in their favor. Many applicants have a difficult time with this part of the application for three reasons:  1) they struggle connecting to the topic; 2) have too many ideas and 3) become too anxious which causes them to stress. This is where we can help. We want to remove these barriers by meeting with you to discuss the topic and provide tips that will enable you to write a successful personal statement. We are also here to proofread and provide feedback once the essay has been written. 

Not only can we meet with you on an individual basis, we can also come to your school, church or community center. To schedule a workshop, call us at (213) 453-8661.


the personal essay