Alicia Rhymes - Rhymes Professional Writing AgencyAlicia’s mission for The Rhymes Professional Writing Agency is to craft language that brings life to the vision of the entrepreneur, advocate, community leader and hopeless romantic. The objective for each document is to speak and move the intended reader to action. Alicia also wants to use this platform to teach college applicants how to write their personal statement, provide writing tips and discuss various topics such as Finding Your Voice and Writer’s Block. Alicia’s dream for The Rhymes Professional Writing Agency is to be the community’s premier writing resource.

What’s in a name? Everything! It gives identity and tells the story of one’s lineage. For Alicia Rhymes, it also foreshadowed her future.

Alicia Rhymes’ earliest memory of writing is at the age seven. At a time when family members mourned the loss of a loved one through tears and storytelling, Alicia took to the pen. She recounted afternoons feeding her great-grandfather and remembering how his smile made her feel – appreciated and loved. Writing gave Alicia the opportunity to express herself without interruption or judgment.  Throughout adolescence into young adulthood, she journaled about everything from school day antics to her feelings about life and love. It wasn’t until college that Alicia began to view the art of writing as more than a method of self-expression.

While attending Mount St. Mary’s College in California, Alicia met an an instructor who pushed her to develop ideas and become one with the English language. In 2000, Alicia graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. In the fall of 2000, Alicia transferred to Hampton University in Virginia where she continued her undergraduate studies. As an English major, she was tasked to analyze the works of Fydor Dostoevesky, Toni Morrison and William Shakespeare to name a few.  The curriculum also enabled Alicia to become skilled at writing and presenting informative and persuasive speeches which enhanced her overall writing style. These courses reinforced what Alicia had known for years: that she must pursue a career in writing. Alicia graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

After returning home to Southern California, Alicia applied and was accepted into University of Southern California’s Professional Writing Program. This program offered a journey through the multi-faceted world of writing. Courses in editing, grant and technical writing, fiction, non-fiction and poetry helped determine which area she would pursue professionally. Although Alicia liked the creative side of the industry, she was drawn to business writing. Shortly thereafter she realized her purpose – to help people clearly convey their thoughts and ideas. In 2004, Alicia received a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from USC.